Depeche Mode ‎– Black Celebration | The 12" Singles

Depeche Mode ‎– Black Celebration | The 12" Singles

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Mute – 12DMBOX05. Columbia – 19075890241. Sony Music – 19075890241.


Stripped | 12BONG 10

A1        Stripped (Highland Mix)        
A2        But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)   
B1        Breathing In Fumes   
B2        Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix)  
B3        Black Day


A Question Of Lust | 12BONG 11

C1        A Question Of Lust
C2        Christmas Island (Extended)  
D1        People Are People (Live)       
D2        It Doesn't Matter Two (Instrumental)           
D3        A Question Of Lust (Minimal)


A Question Of Lust | L12BONG 11

E1        A Question Of Lust (Flood Mix)         
E2        Christmas Island        
F1        If You Want (Live)      
F2        Shame (Live)  
F3        Blasphemous Rumours (Live)


A Question Of Time | 12BONG 12

G1       A Question Of Time (Extended Remix)         
G2       Black Celebration (Live)         
H1       Something To Do (Live)         
H2       Stripped (Live)


A Question Of Time | L12BONG 12

I1         A Question Of Time (New Town Mix)
I2         A Question Of Time (Live Remix)      
J1         Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix)   
J2         More Than A Party (Live Remix)